Moulding Specification

Width:  This measurement is from the inside edge to the outside edge of the face of the frame style.

Rabbet:  This measurement is the inside cavity depth of the frame.

Height:  The same dimension as the Rabbet, but includes the portion above the lip. The height specifies how far off the wall the frame will protrude.

Lip:  The lip is the portion of the frame that hangs over the edge of the item being framed.  Typically not specified because the lip is a near standard 1/4" on all frame styles

Sizing Information

  1. Measure and enter your image size
  2. The custom frame will be made to fit the image size entered
  3. The visible area will be smaller because the lip of the frame overlaps a 1/4" of the image size on each side
  4. The outer custom frame size will be determined by the width of the style

Note: If you wish your custom frame to be made to a specific visible area or outer frame size rather based on your image size, specify in the special instructions box on the cart page that the dimensions being ordered is intended to be the desired visible area or desired outer frame size.

Instructions for Ready-to-Assemble Frames 

Small size frames are typically shipped pre-joined. Medium to large sized frames are typically shipped ready to assemble to keep shipping costs low and to minimize risk of shipping damage. If you prefer to have your frame(s) shipped pre-joined, simply reply to your confirmation email letting us know and we will accommodate if feasible. Simply follow these steps to easily assemble your custom frame(s). No special tools required and results are guaranteed.

1. Lay the custom frame lengths face down on a flat surface.

2. Apply a light coating of wood glue on the frame ends, then align each frame corner and insert the included thumbnail inserts into the routed slots. Lightly tapping in with a hammer if necessary.

3. Gently turn the frame over so it is lying flat on its back. Ensure corners are tight, wipe off any excess glue and allow it to set. For framing very heavy objects, such as mirrors, it is best to reinforce the frame corners using steel angles that can be acquired from a local hardware store for a few dollars per set.


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